Executive Transition Consultant

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Contact: Julie Ha Truong
Name of Firm: Leadership Savvy
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
Website/LinkedIn URL: http://www.leadershipsavvy.com

Consultant Expertise

Organizational assessments, Board development, Recruitment, Executive coaching, Transition consulting & project management, DEI, Communications strategy

Program Areas

Arts and Culture, Community and Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services

Legal Structure of Organization:

Sole Proprietorship

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Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Julie Ha Truong

Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Julie Ha Truong

Firm or Consultant Address:

2032 Peck Rd.

RFQ Contact Name:

Julie Ha Truong

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(818) 927-2672

Geographic area currently served by firm (select all that apply):

Los Angeles, California, USA

How would you describe the range of diversity reflected in your firm’s consultants and leadership (or self, if sole practitioner)?

As a firm with an Asian American 1.5 generation immigrant founder, considerable consideration is given to how change efforts impact a wide range of clients and constituents, in both solution design and service delivery. Over the last 20 years, a key focus of the work has been on understanding and uplifting underserved and diverse communities. We have worked with and across ethic groups (e.g. Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Latino, African-American/immigrant, and with mainstream communities, individuals, and institutions).

Please describe your mission, values, and approach:

Leadership transitions can be one of the most disruptive moments in your organization but it can also be one of the rare strategic opportunities your organization can leverage. Our transition coaching/consulting guides you through proper succession/transition processes to help ensure operational continuity and ways to best manage your leadership transition, including communication with internal and external stakeholders. Our experience includes dozens of executive searches as well as leadership transition consulting and coaching clients. Our founder brings 20 years of nonprofit experience, including executive coaching, executive recruiting, leadership training, and team facilitation. We also work with many organizations that are transitioning from a founding or long-time leader. Leadership Savvy was founded to support leaders and teams in realizing meaningful and lasting change. Our coaching and consulting approach is inclusive and engaging. Not only do we bring expert insights and process, we project manage the process and facilitate honest team conversations. When it comes to Executive Transitions, we have experience from beginning to end. We typically work with the outgoing executive and board representatives (such as the Transition/Search Committee). We work with leaders to do succession planning, coaching outgoing leaders, facilitate Transition/Search Committees and can help with identifying search consultants, and the eventual coaching of the new executive to ensure a smooth onboarding. We also teach Succession Planning and Leadership Transition classes to help organizations best prepare and manage their own organization staffing transitions.

What expertise or perspective do you bring to organizations looking to ground their collaboration practices in values of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

It’s a lifelong mission. Starting 20 yrs ago, we facilitated coalitions, bringing millions of dollars to ethnic and immigrant refugee organizations. 15 years ago we fought for representation through data disaggregation. 10 years ago we led successful educational reform with 100 diverse partners to best serve BIPOC & low-income communities. 5 years ago we developed certification programs to train, recruit, and coach diverse executive leaders. Today we facilitate strategic consulting projects to help organizations set clear trajectories for the future. We utilize participatory, human centered design approaches to ensure diverse representation, distribution of resources, and service access. As inter-cultural translators we facilitate cross-cultural convenings and discussions. We have addressed issues of public safety, public health, education, workforce development, intergenerational divides, etc.

Please describe your ideal engagement. Feel free to include issue area and scope of project:

Our transition/succession planning services can include one-on-one coaching, facilitated transition/search committee and/or board meetings, and comprehensive transition consulting. Our process starts with listening – through meetings, surveys, interviews of key stakeholders to understand the organizational situation and needs to support the outgoing executive as well as your goals for a new hire. This can include an organization assessment to understand the organization’s readiness for a leadership transition and a plan for increasing that readiness, as well as identifying a timeline and plan of action for embarking on the executive transition. This includes a plan for when and how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. Often, executive searches also lead to conversations on an organization’s longer term strategy to help inform the type of hire they are looking to make. This can also lead to other strategic conversations such as organizational restructures and partnership or merger opportunities. Engagements that are interested in leveraging the search process to advance the strategic positioning of the organizations are the projects that we are most interested in working with. These are the organizations that are able to leverage the process to show all stakeholders (staff, funders, clients, partners) that the transition is an opportunity to continue advancing the organization.

How many executive-transition related projects have you or your firm been involved with?


Please describe your fee structure:

Our Executive Transition Services include: 1) Executive Coaching to help the outgoing leader executive, boards, and/or leadership teams do succession planning. This is usually a 6 months to one year engagement where the executive and coach meet about monthly or every-other week – or more as needed. This has been especially helpful with leaders who have been with the organization a long time, or are the founders. 2) Transition Consulting supports your organization in forming and managing an effective Transition/Search Committee to help navigate a leadership transition, identify hiring priorities, including facilitated discussions on organizational direction/strategy, select a search firm, and onboard/coach the new hire. This is usually a 3-6 month process, including the time partnering with a search firm to identify/recruit candidates. We have a few firms we have worked with and can recommend. 3) Facilitated Strategy Sessions can be helpful when there are questions around the organization’s immediate priorities and long term strategy. This can impact the trajectory and success of a leadership transitions. We can help facilitate conversations to illuminate perspectives and opportunities and help you gain clarity on your goals for transition. Sometimes transitions lead into other strategic opportunities, such as staff restructures or strategic partnerships & mergers. We help prepare for these most interesting and sometimes challenging discussions and facilitate the session via zoom or in-person. The cost for our services as mentioned above range between $2,000-$10,000 depending on the scope of the project. We are happy to tailor engagements to your needs, time, and budget.

What percentage of your clients are within the nonprofit sector?


Are you open to remote engagements?


Briefly name and describe 1-3 examples of executive transitions with which you have been involved as a consultant (please prioritize NSI-funded and/or LA-based organizations).

Las Fotos Project This project was to support the founding executive director of 10 years on succession planning. It started with coaching that helped him consider what it would take for his organization to be able to sustain a leadership transition. In the year leading up to the transition we put together a plan, and in the 6 month prior to leaving, we put it into motion, including identifying new staff needed as well as promoting and restructuring staff from within. We also had a clear internal and external communications plan. We also worked on organizational systems that would help ensure key components of the organization would live on. Ultimately they promoted their and supported an internal staff person to become the new executive director. Community Schools ISD 286 This was a large initiative with multiple project that required executive transitions. Julie was brought in to map out the project assets, develop a clarified structure and help identify new leaders. The transitions included new leaders to run the Family Resource Centers, the Health Center, the District Manager, and eventually the Superintendent of Schools. A big part of ensuring the transition honored the intention of the project founders was institutionalizing the project at all levels, internally and externally, in policy and in practice. 10+ years later the initiative and programs are still successful and have continued to evolve and grow.

Add any other information you feel would aid in understanding the value you or your consulting firm can bring to an organization preparing for or implementing an executive transition:

How we distinguish ourselves among others doing this work: – Brings 20 years of nonprofit experience, including 10 years in organizational leadership and 10 years in strategy consulting and leadership development. – Have worked with diverse organizations and communities: health & wellness, youth & education, arts/culture, ethnic/immigrants, and across sectors (public, private, social enterprise). – Special interest and experience in strategic partnerships, collaborations and restructures – potential considerations in transitions. – Experience in all phases of transition planning, from initial consideration to planning, from internal announcements to external messaging, from coaching the current leader and preparing the organization for a successful transition. – We are a consulting, coaching and training company. This trifecta of expertise allows us to serve the range of support needed in successful leadership transitions. For example, we are able to help the organization operationally, the team culturally, and the leader in terms of their own personal readiness.

Please list up to 5 Consultants from your firm

Julie Ha Truong For 20 years, Julie Ha Truong, founder of Leadership Savvy has led multiple award-winning initiatives and supported the development of hundreds of leaders. Her supportive, engaging approach makes her a highly sought after facilitator, trainer, coach, and recruiter. Her specialties include organizational strategy, leadership transitions, partnership development, scaling and fiscal growth, and working across diverse constituents. Previously, she directed a major innovative, cross-sector, initiative with leaders from 100 corporate, nonprofit, and government agencies — successfully addressing academics, community safety, and the launch of a health clinic, child care center, and recreation center. She has a Masters of Public Policy with a focus on Nonprofit Leadership & Management. julie@leadershipsavvy.com www.linkedin.com/in/juliehatruong/

Do you always conduct an organizational assessment as a part of your scope of work?

How (or do) you involve senior staff and other stakeholders in the process

Prior to narrowing the pool of candidates for a client, do you make it a practice to share the full list of applicants with the client?

Do you identify/place interim executives?

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What percentage of your searches are for LA-based organizations?

What is your track record of placing BIPOC candidates?

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