Executive Transition Consultant

Consultant Details:

Contact: Dr. Jennifer R. Madden, President
Name of Firm: Leverage Point Development
Language Spoken: English
Website/LinkedIn URL: https://bio.site/dr.madden

Consultant Expertise

Organizational assessments, Board development, Executive coaching, Transition consulting & project management

Program Areas

Arts and Culture, Community and Economic Development, Human Services, Philanthropy

Legal Structure of Organization:


Year Practice Founded:


Number of Individuals in Firm:


Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Dr. Jennifer R. Madden

Firm or Consultant Address:

13804 Lake Shore Drive

RFQ Contact Name:

Dr. Jennifer Madden

RFQ Contact Phone:


Geographic area currently served by firm (select all that apply):

Los Angeles, California, USA, International

How would you describe the range of diversity reflected in your firm’s consultants and leadership (or self, if sole practitioner)?

A very diverse team. President is black, female, first generation college graduate and one of 216 black women in the US with a PhD in Management teaching in a school of business. Consulting team is predominantly BIPOC, with members from the LGBTQ+ community.

Please describe your mission, values, and approach:

I am a collaboration scholar and practitioner (a pracademic). My work is evidence-based, and research-informed delivered through a practitioner-facing lens. I am a boundary spanner. My gifts are bringing ideas to fruition and solution-finding. I execute my work with excellence.

What expertise or perspective do you bring to organizations looking to ground their collaboration practices in values of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and access creates pathways to thriving.

Please describe your ideal engagement. Feel free to include issue area and scope of project:

I love when organizations embrace the idea of tying the work to strategy.

How many executive-transition related projects have you or your firm been involved with?


Please describe your fee structure:

Retainer and billable hours or Retainer and balance at project completion.

What percentage of your clients are within the nonprofit sector?


Are you open to remote engagements?


Briefly name and describe 1-3 examples of executive transitions with which you have been involved as a consultant (please prioritize NSI-funded and/or LA-based organizations).

A New Way of Life (ANWOL) Re-entry Project Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc (BBC) East End Neighborhood House (EENH)

Add any other information you feel would aid in understanding the value you or your consulting firm can bring to an organization preparing for or implementing an executive transition:

Please list up to 5 Consultants from your firm

Do you always conduct an organizational assessment as a part of your scope of work?


How (or do) you involve senior staff and other stakeholders in the process

As a master facilitator I bring stakeholders into the work throughout the process via check ins, regular meetings, reports, As a master facilitator I bring stakeholders into the work throughout the process via check ins, regular meetings, reports, feedback/feedforward, etc.

Prior to narrowing the pool of candidates for a client, do you make it a practice to share the full list of applicants with the client?


Do you identify/place interim executives?


Do you have a minimum fee?


What percentage of your searches are for LA-based organizations?

What is your track record of placing BIPOC candidates?

Do you have a guarantee policy or an “off-limits” policy?