Executive Transition Consultant

Consultant Details:

Contact: Ralph Silber Principal
Name of Firm: Ralph Silber, R Silber Consulting
Language Spoken: English
Website/LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ralph-silber-275479125/

Consultant Expertise

Recruitment, Executive coaching, Transition consulting & project management

Program Areas

Health, Human Services, Public Affairs

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Year Practice Founded:


Number of Individuals in Firm:


Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Ralph Silber

Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Ralph Silber

Firm or Consultant Address:

6534 Tremont Street

RFQ Contact Name:

Ralph Silber

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Geographic area currently served by firm (select all that apply):


How would you describe the range of diversity reflected in your firm’s consultants and leadership (or self, if sole practitioner)?

I am a sole practitioner. I am a white, gay man.

Please describe your mission, values, and approach:

I have spent my entire 40 year career in the non-profit sector, working to advance social and racial justice. I am committed to working for social change through collective action.

What expertise or perspective do you bring to organizations looking to ground their collaboration practices in values of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working in multi-racial, multi-cultural organizations and coalitions. By the time of my retirement, my Board of Directors was entirely people of color (including 50% African American and Native American) any my senior leadership team was majority people of color and LGBT.

Please describe your ideal engagement. Feel free to include issue area and scope of project:

My ideal engagement would be working with a mission driven non-profit organization that is anticipating a senior leadership transition in approximately 2 to 3 years. I think a well planned transition requires this amount of time. Ideally, I would be working closely with the outgoing executive, but also supporting the Board and senior team to prepare for the transition. I would hope to focus on organizational, leadership, and Board development. I also would be prepared to support the organization to navigate through the search selection process (but not actually conducting the search) and ideally I would have the opportunity to support the incoming executive.

How many executive-transition related projects have you or your firm been involved with?

The most important executive transition project I have been involved in is my own transition, which happened in July 2022. Because I had been in my role for almost 40 years and I was one of the founders of my organization, I was very intentional about preparing for my transition, both personally and organizationally. I participated in a 4 day training on this specific topic, and worked closely with by Board of Directors and senior leadership team for almost 5 years to prepare for my transition.

Please describe your fee structure:

My usual rate is $250 per hour.

What percentage of your clients are within the nonprofit sector?


Are you open to remote engagements?


Briefly name and describe 1-3 examples of executive transitions with which you have been involved as a consultant (please prioritize NSI-funded and/or LA-based organizations).

I have been involved in several executive transitions, although not as a paid consultant. I have had the amazing benefit of being part of two peer support groups for non-profit executives preparing for their transitions. Through the peer groups, I have had the opportunity to provide support to seven transitioning executives. In addition, while I was still in my own CEO role, there were four turnovers in executives serving on my own Board of Directors. This gave me the opportunity to support four mid-career women, all people of color, as they stepped into their own CEO roles.

Add any other information you feel would aid in understanding the value you or your consulting firm can bring to an organization preparing for or implementing an executive transition:

I was a non-profit executive for many years and I have had the “lived experience” of preparing for and navigating through my own executive transition. Through the two peer groups I have been part of, I have learned so much through the experience of other executives and I have read much of the executive transition literature. I am particularly interested in advancing new perspectives on non-profit executive transitions – promoting DEI, involving staff and constituents in the process, considering new leadership models, promoting more transparency, and broadening our views of who can be an effective leader.

Please list up to 5 Consultants from your firm

Do you always conduct an organizational assessment as a part of your scope of work?

How (or do) you involve senior staff and other stakeholders in the process

Prior to narrowing the pool of candidates for a client, do you make it a practice to share the full list of applicants with the client?

Do you identify/place interim executives?

Do you have a minimum fee?

What percentage of your searches are for LA-based organizations?

What is your track record of placing BIPOC candidates?

Do you have a guarantee policy or an “off-limits” policy?