Strategic Restructuring Consultant

Consultant Details:

Contact: Bob Green, CPA, CITP, CGMA
Name of Firm: SingerLewak, LLP
Language Spoken: English, Spanish
Website/LinkedIn URL:

Consultant Expertise

Facilitation of exploratory/negotiation phase, Financial due diligence/integration, IT/systems integration

Program Areas

Arts and Culture, Community and Economic Development, Education, Human Services, Philanthropy, Religion, Sports and Recreation

Number of Individuals in Firm:

Over 400

Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Bob Green
CPA, CITP, CGMA – Lead Partner SL Business Informatics
Lynn McIntier
CISA – Director SL Business Informatics

Names and Titles of Individuals in Firm:

Bob Green
CPA, CITP, CGMA – Lead Partner SL Business Informatics
Lynn McIntier
CISA – Director SL Business Informatics

Firm or Consultant Address:

SingerLewak, LLP 10960 Wilshire Boulevard, 11th Floor

RFQ Contact Name:

Bob Green, CPA, CITP, CGMA

RFQ Contact Phone:


Geographic area currently served by firm (select all that apply):

Los Angeles, California, USA

How would you describe the range of diversity reflected in your firm’s consultants and leadership (or self, if sole practitioner)?

Our firm’s personnel (at all levels) reflects diversity in a manner consistent with our industry and in the markets we serve. Our web page shares broadly our position, but further details can be furnished upon request.

Please describe your mission, values, and approach:

Our SL Business Informatics team serves our clients with experienced, objective, product-agnostic client-first values and methodologies designed to achieve success with complex IT challenges and the governance of IT. Much more detail can be provided upon request for specific situations. We seek to be the strategic IT thinking and leadership at the executive table – which is often missing in the non-profit sector. Our goal is to enable our clients to “learn how to fish” after applying pointed strategic IT advisory and transitionary IT leadership.

What expertise or perspective do you bring to organizations looking to ground their collaboration practices in values of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

As stated above, we seek to strategically lead and guide our clients on systems and information technology matters that culminate when the client has “learned to fish” – which as a practice is inclusionary and improvement-focused, by nature, enabling our clients to build capacity and gain capabilities that were not present or utilized, before.

Please describe your ideal engagement. Feel free to include issue area and scope of project:

Our ideal engagement ends with a client success that we helped contribute to in a way that they either could not – due to time/resources, and/or skills. Examples include establishing sound IT practices and IT management activities such that the sensitive data and other digital assets of an organization are in a secure, productive, effectively operating state. Another example would be when we can help the process of upgrading and integrating previously ineffective combinations of software, processes and data – also seen as delivering IT Optimization from “IT Chaos”. We provide many services of an IT nature – starting with strategic assessments followed by oversight of execution, and improving the executive team’s use of, governance of, and value in IT.

How many strategic restructuring projects have you or your firm been involved with?


Please describe your fee structure:

Our fees vary by project and objective. Some are performed on a fixed fee basis when the workloads for the client and our team are more predictable. When not, we bill on a time-materials basis. Out of pocket expenses are billed generally as incurred.

What percentage of your clients are within the nonprofit sector?

SL Business Informatics clients: more currently, over 50%. SingerLewak accounting and tax clients: under 50%.

Are you open to remote engagements?


Briefly describe 1-3 examples of restructuring projects with which you have been involved. Please name all participating organizations. (Please prioritize NSI-funded and/or LA-based organizations).

We don’t share this information on public web forms.

Add any other information you feel would aid in understanding the value you or your consulting firm can bring to a strategic restructuring exploration or implementation process:

We bring a strategic, seasoned, objective IT leadership skillset to the restructuring dialog – from planning prior to the restructure to the execution of improvements/integration post-restructure.